European Maine Coon


Type: Pedigree European Maine Coon

Age: Kitten Born 05-18-23

Sex: Male

Color: as 09

Litter Box Trained: Yes

Health: Recently Vaccinated

Tiberius is a sweet boy. He has a healthy appetite and loves to play. Tiberius takes after his daddy and has many of his traits include is blue smoke and white coat. 

Tiberius was born on May 18th 2023. He has five other brothers and sisters. Tiberius is starting to grow into his ears and is sure to make heart throbs when he reaches his full grown large potential as a Pedigree European Maine Coon. 

Da Vinci Vin Blu and America Never Quits are Tiberius’ parents. Tiberius’ mom and dad  are Pedigree European Maine Coons. Da Vinci and America are amazing! Vincent is known for his care-free attitude to plop wherever he feels like it, even if that means laying down across your face! America is known for her strong European Maine Coon traits and wonderful purr. 

Hello Future Owner of TiberiUs!

Thank you for your interest in Tiberius. He will be available for adoption in late August 2023.


MagiChatical Maine Coons

Meet The Parents

The Daddy - Da Vinci Von Blu - (Vincent)

European Maine Coon – Long Hair
Adult – Male

The momma - America never quits

European Maine Coon – Long Hair
Adult – Female