About Us

About MagiChatical Maine Coons


Our History

MagiChatical Maine Coons was merely a dream in 2021. Through dedication and love for the breed, we saved to purchase the purest Maine Coons with the most dominant European traits. We spared no expense and acquired our first two female kittens, Sookie Five-O and America Never Quits in early 2021. Our Male Sire, Da Vinci Von Blu came to the family almost a year later in early 2022. After allowing our Sire and Queens to properly mature, earlier this year is when it was time for Da Vinci, Sookie and America to bring some new Maine Coon kittens into the world. We had our first litter with Da Vinci and Sookie in May. Shortly after our second litter was born  between Da Vinci and America. All kittens were born healthy and grew rapidly.

 Our Philosophy

We advocate for the present and future well-being of every cat and kitten that comes from MagiChatical. Our screening process is strict and demanding for a reason. Our contracts are intentionally comprehensive to assure the continued well-being of the kittens. Many precautions, attentive and intentional attention must be given and adhered to for the protection and longevity of your new MagiChatical Maine Coon Kitten. Our adoption process will be fully disclosed along with the expectations. It is our hope that you choose to prioritize the health and well-being of your new MagiChatical kitten as we do. In the event you disagree with any of our terms, we understand and respect your wishes and hope you find a breeder that is right for you.


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Reduction in heart disease, stress, and stroke by owning a cat


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Of single women perceived men with cats were nicer and more caring than those without.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our mission and passion is to preserve the integrity of the Maine Coon Breed as well as the benefit and well being of the kittens we produce. We’re especially dedicated to pairing the purr-fect kitten, in the purr-fect home, with the purr-fect family.

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   Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a Magichatical maine coon cost?

Our cat’s and kittens are European and feature strong European traits, such as strong muzzles, lynx tip ears, trilling, robust size, and a loving demeanor. We spared no expense assuring you receive a healthy sound kitten with no genetic defects common to the breed. Our starting price range is $3.000 – $4,000 per kitten. The price for your MagiChatical kitten will be disclosed upon request after you’ve been approved to receive a kitten. One of the MagiChatical tricks your new Maine Coon Kitten will be equipped to perform is using the Litter-Robot Litter box!

How much is the deposit?

Once your application has been approved, an immediate deposit of $500 – $1,000.00 will be required. Once your deposit is received, a kitten will be reserved in your name.  Deposits are non-refundable except in the instance that a kitten was not provided within the allotted time frames by MagiChatical Maine Coons. Delays do not constitute a non-delivery. Further details are covered in our Adoption Agreement.

Can I breed my kitten?

Our kittens do NOT come with breeding rights. You will receive your MagiChatical Maine Coon kitten spayed or neutered. Only in the rarest of circumstances would a kitten from our cattery be delivered intact.

Cats and kittens obtained from MMC cannot be sold to third parties. Our cats and kittens are painstakingly placed and paired with the right people and the right home so they’ll be loved and cherished for the rest of their lives. 

How Does the Adoption process work?

An Adoption Application is submitted online through our website. Once your application is accepted, a phone interview will be scheduled between you and a MagiChatical Maine Coons representative. After your phone interview, an Adoption Agreement will be forwarded to you via email. Once your application has been accepted and digitally signed by you, arrangements will be made for you to make the deposit for your new MagiChatical Maine Coon kitten.   Delivery arrangements will then be scheduled.


Our kittens are guaranteed against genetic defects per our Adoption Agreement. It’s the responsibility of every pet owner to provide proper and preventive medical treatment, loving care, nutrition, and a  safe healthy environment for their pet. As a breeder our liability extends as detailed in our Adoption Agreement. However, per the Adoption Agreement, should you have any issues with your kitten, or should the environment become a danger for your MagiChatical cat or kitten, you agree to allow us the opportunity to help guide you through re-homing your cat, and if needed, assist you in surrendering your MagiChatical Maine Coon back to our cattery.