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Primary Owner Name
What are your existing and forseeable living arrangements for the future?
For Example: house, apartment, trailer park, military barracks, or other living quarters? (If other living quarters, please specify) Moving soon or currently moving. We're rock solid right where we are.
Example: Therapy cat
Is anyone in your home an existing or retired Military Veteran or First Responder?
If yes, Disclose the Military branch and position held or Department and position held prior to retirement? (Indicate N/A if not applicable)
Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, City Police, State Police, County Sheriff, Highway Patrol, or other PC 836 Agency with powers of arrest, Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses, Paramedics, Firefighters – Other please specify
If no, move on to next question. (Indicate N/A for non-miliraty or First Responsder consideration)
List all current pets in your home by name, type, age, and if spayed or neutered. If intact, please specify the type of pet, sex, and age and why they are not altered..
Include all indoor and outdoor animals, for example: cats, dogs, turtles, fish, reptiles, ferrets, snakes, birds, guinea pigs, horses, cows, chickens, geese, goats etc.
How many people live in your home or frequent your home regularly?
For Example: out of town relatives
Does anyone living in your home have a dislike for cats or kittens?
Do you currently have a trusted veterinarian you use or plan to use? (List Veterinarian address and Dr.’s name)
Have you ever surrendered a pet in the past? (If so, when and why?)
Have you set aside funds for veterinary care, have pet insurance or will veterinary care pose any financial hardships for you? If so, what is your budget for the year?
Will your MagiChatical kitten be kept inside or outside or a combination of both?
Is anyone in your home allergic to cats?
Do you plan to declaw your MagiChatical kitten?
How do you plan on preparing to catify your home?
For Example: cat trees, bedding, litter boxes, catios, cat toys etc.
What kind of food do you plan to feed your MagiChatical Maine Coon Kitten?
List brand: Wet Foods, Dry Food, Hand Prepared Raw Diet, or, Whatever We Can Afford.
Describe your home environment and how it’s set up to accommodate your new MagiChatical kitten during the transition period of three months: introduction to other pets, family members, litter box. Please specify.
Have you had experience with Maine Coon cats or other large cat breeds before? (Please indicate yes or no and provide details.
Are there any specific traits or characteristics you are looking for in a MagiChatical Maine Coon cat or kitten?
Are you comfortable with the associated costs of a MagiChatical Maine Coon kitten potentially having periodic veterinary visits and check-ups? (Are you prepared by setting aside budgeted funds?)
Are you willing to provide a safe and stimulating environment for a MagiChatical Maine Coon kitten, including appropriate toys and scratching posts?
How would you handle potential behavioral issues, such as scratching furniture or litter box problems, or incompatibility with current or future pets?
If approved, would you be able to place an immediate $1,000.00 deposit to hold the kitten?
If approved, please indicate the best date, and time (Pacific Standard), and phone number for us to contact you for a phone interview to further discuss your application for a MagiChatical Maine Coon kitten.